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The Dutch Garden Grow Shop is located in the town of Javea on the beautiful Costa Blanca in Spain. We have been supplying our customers with everything they need to grow plants for many years and our aim is to provide great products at terrific prices.

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If you are looking for seeds then stop right here. We supply seeds to customers all over the world, naturally in discreet packaging.

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If you have a question or are looking for something special please contact us direct or call 0034 966 463 575.

The Dutch Garden

  • Supplying Growers for 10 Years
  •  Our Shop is in Javea on the beautiful Costa Blanca Spain
  • We Supply Everything you need to be a successful grower

Top Tip of the Month

Marijuana Nutrients and Marijuana Fertilizers

Marijuana Nutrients or Marijuana Fertilizer as it’s also known are effectively food for your plants. They are used to promote healthy and vigorous growth throughout the different stages of your marijuana plants life cycle.

If you want to grow healthy plants that produce big buds it’s important you understand when and what to feed your plants. If you don’t feed your plants with the right food they won’t blossom into the big yielding and potent plants you long for.

What are the main nutrients and what do they do?

There are 3 main marijuana nutrients a plant uses when growing, these are Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium. They are usually labelled N-P-K and are universally presented in that order when written on the side of your fertilizer. (Picture of nutrients written on fertilizer bottle)

- Nitrogen (N) – Is the main nutrient responsible for leaf and stem growth during vegetative growth as well as overall size and vigor. Nitrogen regulates the plant’s ability to create new proteins, like chlorophyll and amino acids.
Phosphorous (P) – Marijuana plants use phosphorous during flowering to produce nice big buds. Phosphorous is necessary for transferring the energy made during photosynthesis and is associated with resin and seed production.
Potassium (K) – Potassium is used in all stages of a plants growth. Potassium encourages strong root growth, water uptake and triggers enzymes that fight disease.

When does your plant need nutrients?

A marijuana plant needs different levels of marijuana nutrients depending on its stage in the life cycle. Whether your plant is in vegetative growth or flowering will dictate which nutrients, and how much of them your plant requires.

Vegetative Growth
During vegetative growth you will want a nutrient solution that is high in nitrogen and low in phosphorus as during early phases of vegetative growth stem and leaf development are key to developing a strong and healthy plant.

During flowering you will want a high phosphorus and low nitrogen nutrient mix. A phosphorous rich mix help your buds swell, maximising the amount you can yield off each plant. It is possible to purchase specialist bloom nutrient mixes, which are manufactured specifically to increase bud size.

We stock seeds, fertilizers, lighting, grow systems, stimulants, ventilation systems, grow pots, fans, organic nutrients, soil, PH correction, substrata.

The Dutch Garden Grow Shop has been established for many years and has thousands of satisfied Customers.

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